5-color Separation: Needham vs Wellesley Turkey Football Game

Printed T-shirt: 5-color Needham vs Wellesley Thanksgiving Game

5-color design and separation: white, gold, red, brown, and black ink. One of my best seps so far! Notice the football is a different color brown than the turkey body – that effect was achieved by doing an interlocking halftone shade of red in the football.

Also notable about this separation is that we did overlapping, interlocking wet-on-wet red and gold ink (gold after red) to achieve the very smooth gradients. Flashing between the colors didn’t turn out nearly so well!

1-color Separation with underbase: The Femme Show

My roommate Maggie Cee is putting on another amazing Femme Show – this Friday and Saturday! And we printed the T-shirts! Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/events/482154965286160/

Printed T-shirt: I (heart image) (all the many, awesome kinds of) FEMMES

Aqua ink on a black shirt needs a layer of white underneath in order to be the bright color you expect it to be. The white screen is slightly thinner than the aqua screen, so we can avoid white peeking out around the edges!